Welcome to my world of thrillers! This is a fun place where you’ll find escapes from the real world, and those little escapes are called novels. That’s what I do—I write the things. I hope to transport you into the exciting world of trial lawyers as experienced by me, John Ellsworth, a trial lawyer with forty years of trial experience. But trials aren’t the be-all and end-all of my books. You’ll find that in addition to trials there are compelling stories. And life-size, believable characters. My ability to develop characters that people can love and hate is one of the most often mentioned bits when people leave reviews of my work on Amazon. You can read about my latest offering below. Please, come on in, pull up your favorite chair, put your feet up, take a sip of your favorite coffee, and turn to the first page. 


The ambassador deserves killing and the girl doesn't hesitate…
On the way out past his dead body she explains that old men should never try to own young girls.
Criminal charges are filed. Her family hires an attorney named Thaddeus Murfee. Thaddeus listens to her story and is stunned. This case deserves and demands his best defensive skills ever.
National attention is focused as the ambassador's oil-rich homeland demands a murder conviction and death to the girl. Then the lead FBI agent on the case is found murdered. Others follow. The focus of the investigation shifts and Thaddeus Murfee is arrested and sentenced to a chain gang, all while his client and his family are searching frantically to find him. Can Thaddeus free himself to defend the girl? Or will the mounted deputies of the chain gang beat him to death and call it another accidental death in the mountains of Arizona?
Detective Kendra McMann refuses to give an inch. Until she finds Thaddeus has been breaking rocks with a crew of real criminals.
Watch this startling book weave its multiple plots into one dizzying conclusion as only John Ellsworth can do.
From USA TODAY Bestselling Author John Ellsworth
The Justice Series is several thrillers that trace a crime and a heart-stopping story through to a jury verdict and beyond. The pieces are psychological, police procedural, legal, and intense beyond all else. The series is expected to run for five books, each one a standalone, full-length thriller.