30 Days of Justis


Book 8 of the Michael Gresham Series

She’s a daughter he didn’t know he had. Until she calls him...from death row. 

They meet in a conference room just outside her cell. He's a lawyer and immediately sees he has no answers for her. She has but 30 days until her execution for aggravated murder. Her case has been appealed to all higher courts. Each has denied her. There are no appeals left when Michael Gresham comes to her side. Her first lawyers have given up; there is nothing left to do. So he does the next best thing: he goes back to the first, the beginning of the case. Ancient records are reviewed. He is astonished at what he finds but he cannot tell her. He goes before the appeals court. The lawyers at the other table hammer him; the judges pursue him. He leaves with a heavy heart. With gathering speed, the days tick past.

30 Days of Justis is the story of a frantic father who happens to be a lawyer--but is he lawyer enough to save his child? Will there be a last minute call? Or is he in her life only as the last face she sees before it goes dark? From USA Today bestselling author John Ellsworth comes another book so thrilling the pages all but turn themselves.