Chase, the Bad Baby


Book 4 of the Thaddeus Murfee Series

A thriller and romantic suspense story about a baby that suffered a catastrophic brain injury at birth. His OB doctor was negligent and is named as a defendant in a lawsuit filed by attorney Thaddeus Murfee and defended by attorney Morgana Bridgman.

Morgana Bridgman is herself ill and her romance with her lover sizzles from scene to scene while the two try to understand how to extend their love beyond illness.

The lawsuit in this courtroom drama is a deserving case with huge jury appeal, but there is one major problem. The hospital and doctor have forged nurses notes and medical records to make it appear there was no negligence. A crime thriller featuring a well-litigated medical malpractice trial, this legal novel is sure to bring you to the edge of your seat as you follow the attorneys on both sides of the case.

The doctor's lawyer, Morgana Bridgman, finds out about the forged records and is put in a quandary: does she tell the truth and lose her job or hide the truth and keep her job? Her lover is a woman who wants to have a baby with her when Morgana is stricken with a deadly disease. Their story is compelling and fascinating reading.

Thaddeus Murfee is on the hunt in this novel that features white collar crime. On the hunt for the truth about the birth of Chase Staples and on the hunt for the man who kidnapped his daughter. It becomes a one-on-one game of cat and mouse that finally reaches its explosive climax and someone must die.

Watch the bad baby jury trial from your front row seat in the jury box. You will be amazed at the twists and turns the medical mystery takes as you cheer for the baby and pray his needs get met.