Flagstaff Station


Book 10 of the Thaddeus Murfee Series

From USA TODAY best-selling author John Ellsworth: A ballsy female detective going toe to toe with Thaddeus Murfee. Nobody flinches. Not yet.

Attorney Thaddeus Murfee is called upon to defend a young movie starlet accused of murdering a big-name movie producer who has assaulted her. The defense investigation begins, but without warning Thaddeus suddenly finds himself held captive in Juarez, Mexico, the most dangerous city south of the border. The cartel holds him in captivity until his wife, Christine, learns where her husband has been taken. Christine is the recipient of the Army Silver Star for bravery in Iraq--she is unafraid to walk into Juarez with her guns blazing if that's what it will take to bring her husband home.

Freed at last, Thaddeus begins preparation for the trial of his young starlet. Then she goes missing and Thaddeus begins working closely with his daughter, Turquoise, the last friend to see her in Hollywood. 

Thaddeus formulates an attack on a group of suspected bad cops and the cartel in one operation. The story's pace is at a peak now and you'll be sitting straight up in bed unable to sleep until the last page is turned.

Can Thaddeus find and set his client free? Are his daughter and wife able to dodge the cartel's determination to get revenge?

Thaddeus Murfee is back in this Book 12 of the Thaddeus Murfee Series. If you haven't read the series yet, you might want to start with Book 1 and meet the attorney who is going to make your pulse pound and sweep you off your feet. Or you might want to step up and dig right into this book for a frenetic, scary ride. 

Why wait? Let Thaddeus keep you awake tonight!