Fourth Thaddeus Murfee Done!


The Thaddeus Murfee family continues to grow. Today I sent the first edit draft off to my editor. She will carefully go through and find all my hilarious errors and then send me back a marked-up copy. I can then go through and accept (yes) or reject (fat chance) her recommended changes. Most likely the book will be on in Amazon in about 2-4 weeks. The title is Chase, the Bad Baby.

Chase is the story of a baby injured at birth by the OB doctor's negligence. Sadly, sadly, it is based on a type of malpractice that occurs far too often. What happens is, a baby gets in trouble for various reasons while mom is in labor (the novel goes into the reasons it can happen in the examination of the expert doctor by Thaddeus) and the baby suffers anoxia–lack of oxygen. If this is allowed to continue for anywhere beyond thirty minutes, the chances of getting a “bad baby” skyrockets. Thus there has come into being a rule called “Decision to Incision,” and this rule says that the ACOG standard for delivering babies in fetal distress from the moment the decision is made to go C-section, until the actual C-section is performed, should not exceed thirty minutes.

In Chase, the baby is allowed to go too long while in distress, and the negligent doctor gets sued.
What follows is the typical defense tactics in defending these bad doctors and the plaintiff's (baby's) lawyer's strategy in getting a good result–money–for the victim.

Along with Chase, Thaddeus is also dealing with the man who kidnapped Sarai in Attorney at Large.

Be sure to watch for Chase, the Bad Baby, on Amazon in the next few weeks.

Thanks for reading.


Jonathan Schuler