About Publishing on Amazon


The Zon is the most amazing company I've ever worked with. And I love publishing my books there.

Zon's interface is easy, consistently perfect, and offers all the little creature comforts an author could want.

Zon's author help (Kindle Direct Publishing) is helpful and bends over backwards to assist me with any questions or issues.

Zon pays regularly, on time, and in full.

Zon's publishing algorithms are democratic. The more books I sell, the higher my books locate in the search rankings.

Zon can surprise me, happily. Just this morning their “Thrillers” email to subscribers featured two of my books, The Defendants, and Attorney at Large. Who else does that for its writers?

Lately Zon has been getting some bad press. It seems it's involved in contract negotiations with a publisher or two and, in an effort to effect the contract terms in their favor, the publishers have been calling on their stable of writers to post letters, articles, and even ads that attempt to create public disfavor with Zon. Please, don't fall for that. I haven't, and won't. Plus, all of us, Zon publishers and customers, don't really have a dog in that hunt anyway. The public clamor the publishers are trying to create is, at best, a miserable PR tool that attempts to enlist unsuspecting minions to its side, and, at worst, a ploy to manipulate the market during the negotiations. Damn bad business.

Zon is an exciting,forward-thinking, place to publish and purchase. It invented the Kindle and revolutionized book publishing,making millions of books cheaper to readers that ever before in history. As a customer, I can order just about anything my little heart desires and get it overnight. If it doesn't fit or isn't what I thought, returns are simple and can be self-managed on the Zon web without the necessity of phoning anyone and getting pre-approval for the return. Totally revolutionary.

So please, do what I do and use Zon. Publish there. Purchase there.

As for the ongoing publishing war that none of us really cares about anyway, just remember who's firing off the arrows and try to keep your head down.

Jonathan Schuler