The Crime Preorder

UPDATE 6/24: Formatting issues were resolved and “The Crime” has been published! You can download your copy now at

ORIGINAL POST 6/23: Due to an unfortunate technical difficulty, the preorder for “The Crime” was cancelled and all existing preorders have been refunded.

“The Crime” was set to be released on Monday, June 24, but a formatting error made the book unreadable. The book is done, and we’re working hard to fix the formatting issue that caused the problem. Due to Amazon’s terms and conditions, we cannot upload an amended copy, but must cancel the preorder altogether in order to solve the problem.

When the book is released, members of my mailing list will receive an email with an updated link to purchase and download (If you haven’t yet joined my mailing list, you can do so at

Thank you for being patient, loyal readers! The latest adventures of Thaddeus Murfee will be in your hands in no time.

Jonathan Schuler