Michael gresham is fed up. 

When he was a younger man, he was drawn to the practice of law because it promised to protect the innocent and punish the guilty. But through his many years as a practicing lawyer, he's watched time and time as terrible people have gone free. You could call him jaded, tired or bitter - but the one thing you can't call him is a coward. 

He's loyal to a fault, which may be why he keeps finding himself defending hopeless cases. Regardless of the odds, Michael never fails to put on his warpaint and go to battle for his clients - and sometimes it really is a battle! His legal battles take him all over the world, and incorporate fascinating characters from all walks of life. 

Get acquainted with Michael on Kindle or paperback - but be warned: these stories will keep you up at night, unable to focus on anything else until all the twists and turns have played out! 

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