Thaddeus Murfee is in over his head. 

Every young lawyer has gotten into trouble from time to time. But Thaddeus seems to be especially gifted at finding trouble - and you can only make so many enemies in Chicago before the reaper comes calling. He's got a bad habit of uncovering powerful men who don't want to be uncovered. 

He's exceptionally sharp, and everyone knows he's got a promising future as a defense lawyer - if he can just stay out of trouble. Regardless of the odds, Thaddeus is an attack dog in court, and never stops defending his clients - even when he finds himself in the crosshairs. He's got a strong sense of justice, which will serve him well in his career, if he can just stay alive. 

Get to know Thaddeus on Kindle or paperback - but be warned: these stories will keep you up at night, unable to focus on anything else until all the twists and turns have played out! 

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