The Fifth Justice


Book 9 of the Michael Gresham Series

Sometimes a victim decides to stop being a victim.

Michael Gresham and Marcel, his investigator, go on the hunt for a client’s missing wife. She has been nominated to the U.S. District Court, and now she can’t be found.

She’s an outstanding lawyer, but Chloe suffers from personality problems. Her personality splits, and an alter personality takes over. There’s an accident. Chloe battles to regain her ability to think clearly and survive. She must re-learn how to recognize faces. She struggles with her competing personalities. Michael Gresham is getting closer to finding her, but then there’s a shooting, and everyone becomes a target. 

Interwoven is the story of Michael’s wife and the illness and incarceration she must endure. Verona is Russian by birth and Russia wants her back.

Two women that powerful forces want to victimize. Will they fight back and overcome?

Sometimes a victim refuses to remain a victim. 

Sometimes they even go on the hunt. 

A Legal Thriller from USA TODAY best-selling author John Ellsworth

Parts of this book were first published in Jane Doe 235