Unspeakable Prayers


Book 2 of the Historical Fiction Series

From the highly acclaimed thriller writer John Ellsworth, comes the dramatic classic about a kidnapped Jewish boy and a Nazi officer whose paths collide in occupied Poland as both try to survive the devastation of World War II.

Lodzi Ashstein lives with his wife and parents when the Nazis come and take him away to Treblinka. Lodzi learns how to make himself of value to his captors in order to survive the extermination camp. The abusive German officer Janich Heiss takes control of the young man’s every waking moment and brands his mind with images he will carry with him forever.

In Chicago, attorney Thaddeus Murfee, is asked to represent the survivor seventy years after World War II. By now, Lodzi has taken the law into his own hands when he believes justice has failed. A homicide has occurred years earlier and DNA evidence makes the perpetrator known to the police. Or has it? Who is the real perpetrator here? Thaddeus steps in and takes the case to trial. A startling ending has readers everywhere discussing this historical thriller.

If you are ready to be touched by a novel, if you are ready to be moved, be sure Unspeakable Prayers tops your reading list.

Readers are already calling Unspeakable Prayers the best depiction of the holocaust since Leon Uris. Some say it’s a very emotional read, but all agree it is an important book, a book they will never forget. You are invited to read and enjoy and be forever changed by this wonderful book.